Cheong out of thinning fruit

I was thinking of all that small fruit folks thin from fruit trees…any tree that over sets.

Had anyone made cheong out of their thinned fruit? It’s a syrup made from unripe fruit usually plums, and is used in many Asian dishes.

Cheong is a Korean word and I’m familiar with the ingredient (though of course can’t find it easily to use) from various cooking shows and kdramas.

I’d imagine persimmon cheong would be especially interesting, as would apricot.

The spent fruit Adger masking cheong is then often soaked in soju (Korean rice wine) to flavor it.

I like the idea of not having all that unripe fruit go to waste.


I wonder about the toxin levels in unripe persimmon?

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You may use vodka to infuse the fruits. I believe soju is distilled… but again I don’t know the details. Just speculate

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Thinned fruit goes into my compost bin, no waste.

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I’ve asked a Korean friend. I’d certainly look into it before trying…

Thanks for the heads up.

Maybe I simply make a syrup out of the ripe fruit.