Cherry, apricot, asian pear pruning forms?


I’ve read many books and articles on pruning but read conflicting advice on what the mainstream form should be for cherries, apricots and Asian pears. I was hoping members could confirm this once and for all.

Are Asian pears typically central leader or modified central leader?

For apricots? Open center or modified central leader?

Sweet and tart cherries are modified central leader??

I think it depends a lot on your objectives, growing space and personal preferences. The mature trees in Oregon commercial cherry orchards are frequently single leader and double leader.

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I just want to know what’s typical for semi-dwarf trees. The way that peaches are open center and apples central leader, easy to find that in the literature. Not sure what’s typically ideal for Asian pears or apricots??

Thanks! I wasn’t sure if these should be modified central leader. Peaches naturally seem to want to ne open center, and growing that way. But some of my apricots seem to have a more upright form and I’m hesitant to make them open center, which is why I was wondering if modified central leader was more optimal for apricots.

Here’s an article about cherry training forms: