Cherry blossoms in Washington DC

My wife and I took a lunch break to enjoy the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC. The blossoms are fleeting, so we try to always make time to walk along the Potomac, around the tidal basin and between the monuments.


And here is a quick clip of walking along the path.

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Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I didn’t realize that you live so close to the mall

It is just 6 miles or so from the Smithsonian, so we are very close. So often we realize we don’t take advantage of all the museums and stuff so close by unless we are having out of town visitors. The fact that the blossoms are only at peak for a few days is a good motivator.


We hiked around the Tidal Basin with our son and granddaughter just yesterday. Beautiful day and the cherries were lovely.




I have been in DC areas many times and had never had opportunity of seeing the cherry blossoms in full peak. Before Covid, I booked a bus trip with travel agent to DC just for the cherry festival. The trip package was 5 days. But when but when we arrived in DC , the cherry blossoms were not yet to open. It was a colder winter so the cherry bloom delayed a week or so.

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Thanks for sharing, I want to go during cherry blossom season.

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This year’s blossoms where a full 2 weeks early. I was in DC for unfortunate circumstances, but I was able to get my in-laws to see a real uncompromised peak bloom.



Just now was reading this thread i missed. Very nice photos!