Cherry bushes wilting

I have a few of my Nankings that seem to have an issue this spring. I took some photos today and they are a little out of focus, sorry. Most of the bush has wilted dying leaves and just a shoot or two look fine.

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So Sorry Derby42,
I have seen your bushes in action and they are some of the most beautiful nanking bushes I have ever laid eyes on! Sure hope that whatever is not wilted or out of commission thus far, will bring you fruit this season. The ones you gave me are coming along beautifully and I know you have a very healthy crop that will be in action next year. Truly feel for you, that you will have to wait again next year…

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Oh it is just a few bushes, three I think. Most of my Nankings were frosted this year but that is how it goes for them here. I am glad your plants are doing well.

Have you checked for borers? That’s how my stuff looks like when hit by ambrosia beetles.

I didn’t, I will check tonight, where do they bore, down low at the ground?

On a bush down low but above ground. If its ambrosia beetles then you should see toothpick like sawdust coming out of the bore holes, but I’m not sure if they have hit your area yet. I am at ground zero and they are horrible, been fighting them for several years now.

Thanks for the tip, I will post back later with what I find.

I don’t see any sign of borer holes.

@Derby42, I am a new user to this forum. saw user map and found you are in SW MO, I am in SW MO as well(Joplin). I am learning to graft fruit tree now. having some jujubes. Like to learn from you if possible. thanks.

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Sure, nice to see someone close by. This is a great community and I have learned a lifetime of knowledge in just the last year. Just let me know any questions you have.