Cherry curculio

I have been watching for PC for a long time and never have I seen one. I have seen other weevils, but none that I could be sure of. We do have OFM, I have never seen one of them either but dealt with plenty of the aftermath. This spring I noticed some early husk stage drop on one of my sour cherries that I was suspicious about but that was it. A month or so ago I noticed that a good deal of the remaining cherries had been hit by something, I suspected it might be PC. Well, last night out watering the garden I checked out that cherry tree again and has been some emerging action. Not PC, but close. I picked 4 of the little buggers and squashed em. The first one got away because it played dead and I dropped it thinking it was a bit of tree duff, this was before I had actually seen them. The linked article pretty much nails it on the head in every aspect.
I haven’t had to spray my trees yet, it’s too late for this season, but I will be using surround next spring if mother nature allows a good set.

Colorado Insect of Interest (



I agree with your ID of this weevil.


I picked off about 10 more yesterday. Seeing the affected tree is a dwarf it makes it pretty easy. That, and they seem to like to just hang-out on the cherries = easy to see. I even got one that was mid exit from it’s cherry; “Hi, welcome to the end of your existance”.