Cherry Grafting on Unknown Cherry Help

I have a large cherry tree of a landscape variety. It does produce cherries, but they are small and sour. Just juice and seed. Any ID?

Is it possible to graft sweet or sour cherries to it?

Add pictures for help with an ID and most likely yes to grafting any prunus variety. Try it!

Hi Robert,
You may need to use a trial and learn approach. I tried for several years to top work my sweet cherries to plum, and failed until I discovered Adara and Cherry plum as an interstem. The past two years have been more successful using these two interstems to topwork my 25 year old sweet cherries. Also I am top working a mixed sweet @ Sour cherry tree to all sour. So far I have had pretty good results. No interstem required here. Suggest you explore obtaining some interstem scions before next spring as it may not be possible to find them this late if you are intending to grow stonefruit other than cherry
Kent, wa

Cherry is about the only stone fruit that does not interchange with other stones. That’s why those multi fruit trees never have cherry.

Interstems might be above my pay grade. I’m pretty sure nothing will graft to this thing, but didn’t hurt to ask.

I’ve been mulling over doing the same thing (graft unknown tart cherry tree over to sweet) to a tree shared with a neighbor at some point in the future. I’ll be interested to see the responses