Cherry leaf question - deficiency?

Hi all,

Quick question about my royal crimson cherry leaf. A few of the lower leaves are showing some darkening between veins. Is this a deficiency of some sort or some other issue? The 3 cherries in this bed really exploded with growth 2 months ago.

Right now the only issue im having is that the new growth is getting damaged from OFM larvae.

Thanks everyone for the insight and help. I hope you all are healthy and enjoying a beautiful bounty from your summer gardens.



I have had leaves look like that on my apples after sporadic watering and stress.

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This looks to me like sunburn. Not deficiency.


I had a fear I was overwatering - that’s what the bottom leaf margins are telling me. The other looked like a phosphorus deficiency. I am glad to here that you think it is sunburn. Hopefully Im not having any root rot issues. Thanks for the feedback! Anyone else?

That is almost for certain sunburn.

This late in the season, it could be just the leaves dying.
But the interveinal chlorosis is typical of Mg. deficiency.
Best to get a good soil test.
Crop Service International, Inc. in Marcellus, Mi.