Cherry Leaf Spot and Fire blight?

I’m seeing some action on my leaves that looks suspect. I want to hit it with something early if there’s anything to be done. This all showed up in the last few days. Generally, it’s been cool and wet.

Cherry Leaf Spot on my 1 year old sweet cherry?

Early Fire Blight on my Pear? I had FB issues last year. To combat it, I sprayed copper with late season dormant oil.

Fire Blight, Apple Scab or nothing to worry about? I planted this one last year. Its a golden delicious.

I don’t think that is cherry leaf spot. I think it looks more like insect damage to me. Also cherry leaf spot is much more common on tart cherries. Here are two links that show what cherry leaf spot looks like.

I am not sure about your pear issue. I don’t grow pears. Perhaps someone else can answer that one.

The damage on the Golden Delicious looks minor. But I can’t tell from the picture what caused it. However, Golden Delicious is susceptible to both fireblight and scab. Here is a chart that shows disease resistance for Golden Delicious and a bunch of other apples.

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Appreciate it. Ok so cherry leaf spot will show itself a lot more (more spots) before holes show. Thanks for the document. Should have looked at disease resistance when I ordered my Apple!

Well I think when most people plant their first tree they want to go with an apple they have already tasted and for many people that is Golden Delicious. I would suggest you think about alternatives like Goldrush or other disease resistance apples on that chart.

Goldrush has high resistance to scab and moderate resistance to fireblight. In general on the forum, most people find the flavor of Goldrush to be better than that of Golden Delicious. I don’t know myself since my Goldrush hasn’t fruited yet.

You might consider grafting your tree over to Goldrush or replacing the tree altogether. In the long run it will reduce the work you have to do and I think in most cases you will get better apples.