Cherry Of The Rio Grande (Eugenia involucrata)


An embarrassment of fruits! Neither I, my neighbors, or the wild finches can keep up with them. :smile:


Send me some,if it will help. Brady


The shelf life s about 6 hours, which can be extended from midday to the following midmorning in a 37°F refrigerator. The waste is really my fault - next time around I hope to plan better and have my juicer ready!


I love the idea of these fruits thanks again for sharing


I'm discovering in my location that they have a long "hang time". For the past several days there have been completely black fruits on the tree -- mostly sacks of incredible "cherry" juice. The local birds are ignoring them. I'm eating them at leisure. Hooray!!


Today I cut it back to about 1 meter high in preparation for roof repairs and house painting.


How long will it take that tree to produce fruit again? I loved those pictures this is an intriguing fruit to me


It is evergreen. I estimate it will put on at least 2 feet of growth by the end of Spring and quite a bit more by Fall. I expect 2 crops next year.







Hi everyone! I found this thread while searching for Cherry of the Rio Grande and I’m so glad I found this forum! I love your pictures Richard, they have gotten me so excited about my new tree I purchased. Thank you so much for sharing so many great pictures on here!


By the way, what a very nice bunch of people that are on this forum!


April flowers bring … June fruit!


This may be my all time favorite thread on gf. I desperately wish more people would show their plants and trees progression over the years. I say this, yet I haven’t done it myself! Just because of how much I love seeing your bush over time I’m going to start doing regular pics of some of my trees.

Thanks for such a fun thread to look at! That is one amazing bush!


Picked a few fruits today :slightly_smiling_face:


Now wait just a minute Richard! You can’t drop that on us and not tell us what it is!!! I’m sure most people know, but I suspect I’m not the only one that doesn’t recognize them! What are those?

UPDATE/EDIT : yes, about the time I posted this I noticed the title of the thread and that I’d just made a fool of myself! haha. So I take it those are Cherry of the Rio Grand? In my defense I just clicked on a notification to get here and didn’t notice the title…still, it was pretty dumb! ha


Hint: the name of this thread is Cherry Of The Rio Grande. :slightly_smiling_face:


haha. I was typing my edit above while you typed your funny response. So yea…I was dumb but did realize it before you had to tell me (that isn’t much of a relief to my poor ego though!)


It was a set-up. :joy: