Cherry photobombed!

I took this photo this morning and posted it to our site not noticing the evil bugs in the photo. I know what they are but wanted to see if you guys recognize them. They are one of the few pest we deal with here and they are real SOB’s.

Are they Fire ants? Brady

Nope! They are far more sinister than fire ants!

Assassin bug? Brady


Having fun?Termites? Brady

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hard to see from the pic, but the tiny spoiler alert’s seem to be baby stink bugs/squash bugs

Very very close!

leaf-footed bug?

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European Earwig ?

Looks like recently born leaf-footed bugs. I hate them.

Ding ding ding!! I HATE them too!

Aren’t assassin bugs good? I thought their job was to terminate the bad bugs.

That probably depends on the species.There are some that kill bees.I found this from a source.
The genus Apiomerus, which contains species known commonly as bee assassins or bee killers, is among the largest genera in family Reduviidae. Species of Apiomerus frequent flowering plants, where they coat their legs with sticky plant resins and wait for their prey. The sticky resins allow the assassins to readily capture other insects, particularly bees. Plant resins also appear to play a role in maternal care among certain Apiomerus species.
Others feed on the blood of birds,reptiles and mammals.
They like to eat. Brady

Amadio! You are one funny dude!!!:smile:

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