Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera) info and breeding future steps

Hello Green family

I just got a purple sprite and also a white sprite, im looking into breding them since they are suposed to be very good for that.

Is anyone growing this pluerry fruits? What is your experience with them?


‘Sprite’ is NOT a pluerry. It’s a hybrid between cherry plum and Asian plum just like ‘Methley’.

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What sources do you know of for these plants? Here in the U.S. we have “Sprite” Cherry-Plum hybrid which I’ve never seen designated “white”, “black”, or “purple”.

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My guess is someone is relabeling plants to call various cherry plum hybrids as different varieties of “Sprite”. Probably something has been lost in translation. Maybe they thought ‘Sprite’ was a category of plum hybrid rather than a specific cultivar.


@Luisport , @DroppingFruit :slightly_smiling_face:
What can you tell us about “plum” offerings of “White Sprite” and “Purple Sprite” in Europe?


I don’t know white sprite. The usual purple sprite can be bought on some nurseries…


Perhaps as Johann suggests, your source has confused Cherry-Plum (Prunus cerasifera) with Pluerry (plum x cherry)?

The Sprite hybrid sold in the U.S. is Japanese Plum (Prunus salicina) x Cherry-Plum.


I don’t see much for comparable plum hybrid varieties that I read about on the forum and what I find in online Euro Nurseries.

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Because they are so open for mutations the yellow one i have its a purple one that mutated to become a yellow one.

The person that gave it to me is the person that observed this mutation.

You sure it isn’t just a yellow seedling from the purple one? Cherry plums and Asian plums both can make yellow, red or purple fruit.

I’m having trouble following you.

Does “they” = “Cherry-Plum” or “Pluerry”?

So you don’t have a white or black?

Could well be that

Im talking about sprite

I have white (yellow) and purple (black)

I think that makes it more clear for you

I don’t think you have Sprite.

I like how direct Richard is… makes me laugh and the outcome holds my interest.

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I have no problem with what you think…you can relax.

They look like tomatoes to me.

He is playing just that…

Sorry, i just posted wrong picture, here is the real white sprite mutation :wink:

Sprite is mentioned as the “Mother” of all plums.

Very ancient and can be traced back to the early Middle Ages.
All kinds of plums and greengage have been developed from these plums.


The skin is smooth, the flesh firm.
The stone easily detaches from the small round core.
They are sweet, but not too much.
Trees are extremely robust and the blossom extremely frost-resistant.
They can be grown very well even at the most difficult altitudes.

sprite gelb

In the distance you can feel a special slight aromatic fragrance.
The taste is unique and hardly comparable to other types of fruit.
It gest ripen mid to late August


Unfortunately, as this species is old, it is unavoidable that the fruit varies continuously due to its tendency for mutations.


Yellow specimens occasionally occur - as well as reddish, red and also almost completely black, even on the same branch.


The “white” variation is almost 50 years old and is still being shared by its original creator.

Well…this is the person i got it from.
Sweet dreams


Hi Helder,
Your mutated Plums may be called Sprite,but the one I believe Richard is referring to was developed by Zaiger Genetics in Modesto,California.Maybe already knew that though,right?

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