Cherry seeds

Bought some pretty good cherries on sale at the grocery store. Do I need to do anything special to the seed (refrigerate, soak etc) if I want to plant and try to get a seedling? Also, if I were to get a tree that eventually produced cherries from these seeds, would the fruit be “true” to the cherry the seed comes from, or could they be different?

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They will not be true to the variety that you had in the store. They are sweet cherries and most are not self fertile. Even the ones that are self fertile are typically grown in blocks with pollinizers added to increase yields.
You may get a good cherry out of them, and it’s fun to see what we can grow ourselves, but I wouldnt put much stock in getting one better than you got in the store. It is worth trying though, that’s how we get new varieties.


Ditto on what @Kellogg_Hill_Farms said. If you still want to try, a standard 60-90 day cold stratification should do, or just plant them outside in the fall.

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Thanks for the input yall. I may try one just for giggles. If it works (makes decent/good cherries), good. If not, I’m not out much.