Cherry tree problem

Can anyone tell from this leaf what’s going on with my cherry tree? Thanks

Looks like bacterial shot hole disease (photos). Copper spray and soil drench is an effective treatment. The best over-the-counter product I know of is Monterey Gardens Liqui-Cop (manufacturer’s page). For licensed applicators or for locations that don’t require one, I prefer DuPont Kocide 3000.

Thanks Richard. I’ll go see what’s available here.

If it’s what I think we call it cherry leaf spot caused by fungus Blumeriella Jaapii. My Lapins gets infected every year but it usually starts way after the harvest sometimes in September so I don’t spray against it. Always just make sure to dispose of all the fallen leaves since that’s the primary source of the disease for next year.

I suggest you get an accurate diagnosis from a plant pathologist using a microscope. In NY Cornell does it for about $30 and every state should have a university that provides that service. Use your cooperative extension for contact.

Well that is hard to get without a license, but you can use this. It is the same chemical but you have to adjust for a higher copper percentage. I came up with about 1.5 tbsp per gallon when trees are dormant. For application on a tree with leaves, I have no idea? So use at your own risk.

I buy it here:

That’s a good site for a lot of chemicals.