Cherry tree sap

I planted black gold cherry tree last week and thinned it to train it in KGB system. Now, I see the tree is oozing sap. Is this bacterial canker disease?

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The sap is a response to injury. Did you make a heading cut?

Yeah looks like a response to that cut. I doubt the leaves would look well if there was canker that close. I think Black Gold is supposed to be very canker resistant also.

Yes, I made a heading cut at about 19".

Thank you, I was worried that the plant got infected after the cut.

All you can do is clean your pruning tools with alcohol to prevent spreading disease.

If you ever see sunken spots in the trunk, it could be canker and some people chose to cut them out at that time.

At this point the oozing is likely a response of your head cutting the whip. You will know if it turns into bacteria canker when the color turned darker and it smells sour and more oozing would show up.

Don’t panic. Just keep an eye on it. It had bacterial canker on by cherry trees, it did not kill my trees. The area sunken and dried up but the tree survived.

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thanks, Can I spray Serenade or Double Nickel helps as proactive measure.

I have not used those products but you can read this U of Oregon’s article on bacteria canker.

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All of the studies I’ve seen indicate that Bacillus sprays do not have significant effects on canker. Copper may work, but it depends on if the local population is already resistant to copper. That being said Blackgold is supposed to be resistant.

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