Cherry tree size

What size can I expect a Montmorency Cherry on semi dwarf rootstock to get? Found a beauty at a K-Mart of all places.

Somebody will have to guess what the actual rootstock is.

The tree was marked semidwarf and Montmorency cherry. Just what you expect from big box.

Usually the tree tag will show the estimated height if not pruned to keep small. Typically 15-20’ for semi dwarf I’d think. Or at least that what i’ve seen before.

Hi chikn! I purchased my Montmorency cherry on semi-dwarf rootstock from a local nursery. I have kept the tree to 8 feet tall (maybe a bit taller) myself. It took 6 or so years to get my first good crop. Now its going well on its own. I still prune it back to 8 feet every spring. Also, I top worked it one spring, after being sick and tired of it not producing. I waited a year with few blooms but the following year the tree was loaded with blossoms. Its been that way ever since. Hope I’ll have some pictures for you if the ice melts off of the tree!

Unless somebody has some insight into what they were likely to have used as the actual rootstock, it is just a blind guess.

It’s like saying you got a red Honda and would like to know the towing capacity. Somebody else can tell you the towing capacity of their red Honda, but that is irrelevant if they have a Pilot and you have a Civic.

As a person who seems to have bought more big box store trees than most (I know that is NOT something to brag about!) I’ve found that most of them do have the name of the nursery on the tag or on the pot, and I’ve had pretty good luck finding out more info about their trees- such as rootstocks-by going to the nursery’s web site. Unfortunately, it isn’t often readily available once you get there- I have usually had to e-mail the nursery and say I bought one of their plants at store XYZ and am wondering what rootstock they use. They usually write back and tell me, though sometimes they’ve said they’ve said they have used 2 in the last 2 years so it could be x or y. That is still somewhat helpful to me, and most have just said they always use X.

Cherries are very likely to be on mahaleb or mazzard from a big box store. both will produce a large tree if not pruned, but prune to your desired height. My Montmorency I keep about 9’ tall. Its work to keep it low as it wants to get to 25’.