CherryBomb, a plum x cherry hybrid

Someone from another gardening group bought a tree called CherryBomb, it’s a plum x cherry hybrid. He got it from Costco in Northern California. So I’m wondering if your local Costco is carrying it?
I will go check our local Costco this weekend.

I don’t have anymore info about this variety, but this is the second time that I’ve heard about this tree.

Ulises, can you get a photo of the tree label? That might tell us who the grower is. Never heard of this cultivar. I’ll check my S. Calif. Costco this evening, but often, what is stocked up north, is very different than what is stocked in the S. Calif. Costco stores.

Patty S.

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I don’t have a picture. I just asked the guy who bought one to post more info and pictures on the group.

It was a misunderstanding. He bought the fruit from Costco, not the bareroot tree.