Chestnut seedling order

I got these from Mossy Oak native nursery . Nice size for 1 seasons growth .


Are those tissue culture? (There doesn’t seem to be enough soil that you could bury a chestnut in it for the purposes of germination??)

I have three seedlings myself and a few native chestnut seeds … from Letcher and from Jackson Counties in Kentucky. Not likely to be contaminated by non-native chestnuts.

But, not sure I’ll be alive when they bear for the first time!

No they are seed grown . Mixed genetics and blight resistant .

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This is better size for one season’s growth -


If you have pure Castanea dentata, they can flower within 5 years if they get enough light, heat, water and nutrition.

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That’s good to hear. But I’ve seen some bigger than my arm and no nuts on them.
At least one on private property in Berea KY I am familiar that has nuts. And a couple in Sand Gap. (Not too far from England’s). And I bought some seedlings from a Corbin KY nursery…the source tree in Letcher Co. Kentucky.
There is a chestnut federation
but I’ve not participated.
They asked me last year about trees I might be familiar.

Three months growth, seed planted in April and seedling photographed in July -

That’s true of some Chinese trees also. I’ve had Chinese trees that had not produced nuts at 14 years. But on the average Chinese trees will produce nuts at 4-7 years. Americans on the average will produce nuts 3-5 years later than Chinese, but individual American trees vary widely and have been known to flower as young as 3 or 4 years especially when growing in full sun in areas with long growing seasons.

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