Chestnuts AU Producer and AU Encore

I’m interested in these seguinii Chestnut cultivars. Does anyone grow these? I’d love to know more about them.

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I just bought some from Twisted Tree Farm. And they look really nice. 10" to 20" tall

I also bought some from OIKOS, but DON’T buy from them they don’t know how to package their trees very well. I had a seedling delivered with about a pound of soil wrapped in paper and plastic bag, but the bag wasn’t tied or secured and ended up floating around in the box during transport and broke the seedling. They sent a replacement, but same thing. Ugh

I’m not sure what you want to know. Seguins are Castanea seguinii. They produce small trees similar in size to Castanea pumila, the American chinquapins. They are typically ever-bearing during the growing season which means that they continue producing burs and nuts until they harden off for winter. The nuts are very small, similar in size to American chinquapins, but the burs contain 3 nuts per bur instead of two.

Here’s a photo of a seguin nut next to a Schlarbaum nut. Schlarbaum nuts are unusually large from a Japanese/Chinese hybrid -

Here’s a seguin branch -


I was asking about those two AU cultivars specifically, not the species in general.

They are typical seguin trees. There is nothing distinctive about them. The Premier cultivar starts dropping nuts a bit earlier than the Encore cultivar in Alabama. That timing distinction may not exist in cooler climates.

I don’t know AU Producer. I am assuming you were talking about AU Premier.


Hi, Can u tell me where i can get more info or scion wood from the chestnuts Premier and Encore? Thank You

They are both patented but you can sometimes buy grafted trees from The Wildlife Group. They probably won’t have any again until Winter 2021/22.