Chili Crunch?

So I’m late to the the chili crunch party – I’m rarely ahead of the curve (except for backyard orchard culture and organic gardening). It’s OK if you’ve never tried any of the commercial chill crunch offerings, Just let me clue you in. There is heat and crunch and umami! This stuff rocks, along with chili oil. The downside is that they are using GMO oils, non-organic chilis, MSG and other things that are not in my wheelhouse. You dig GMO and conventional gardening methods? Good on you:
Peanuts? I don’t care. Soybean oil & MSG? No thanks.

My ask here is if anyone is making their own chili crunch? Or do you know a reasonable commercial brand? That said there’s a good chili oil brand that I am really enjoying:

Carry on good people!