Chipmunk bite mark vs bird bite mark in fruit

I have cherrys that go missing every day even when protected with mesh, I wanted to find out who is stealing them. I notice that one cherry had a hole or two in it, another was half gone, this is on a bush cherry what is the likely answer

Both are guilty most likely so hook up an electric fence then go around the bush.

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maybe not this year because there is only a few cherries left but Ill definetly try to get it for next years crop

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I put some organza bags on deerberry last year… I knew something was getting them but was not sure what.

I forgot about them for about a week and came back later and found 8 of the 10 bags had ben gnawed open and fruit removed… not birds doing that… I figure chip monks or field mice ?

I have put organza bags on my blueberries (last spring) and birds never bothered them, none were ever chewed open like that.

It was dead calm in my blueberry patch this morning, bird flash tape not moving at all… and I saw from my bathroom window a red bird in a blueberry bush getting his breakfast.

Darn critters.

I never notice them bothering my raspberries, perhaps the thorns ?
Not sure they do not bother my logans and they are thornless.

They did wear out my thornless ouachita blackberries last year… I had to bird net them to get some.

Good Luck !

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