Chocolate Persimmon


As our winters locally become more temperate I am slowly replacing already low-chill deciduous fruit trees with ultra-low chill selections. And so yesterday I went in-store shopping at Green Thumb San Marcos and Walter Andersen Nursery in Poway. I came home with a few things, including this grafted Chocolate Persimmon sapling grown by Dave Wilson.

Jiro Persimmon

How about citrus? How many varieties do you have? And Mangoes? Both should be perfect for your climate…


A little cool here for some mangoes but Valencia Pride and Timotayo work well – I’m growing the latter.

For Citrus I have Bearss lime, Eureka lemon, Gold Nugget and Frost Owari mandarins, Minneola tangelo, Washington navel, and Nordmann seedless kumquat.

Of Central American origin I have Reed avocado, Suebelle white sapote, and Pouteria viridis (Green Sapote). From South America: Cambuca, Cherry of the Rio Grande, and Jaboticaba. From Africa: Kei Apple and Conkerberry. I also have the native evergreen Catalina cherry-nut tree.

All of the above plus my estranged Gordon and White Winter Pearmain apple trees are evergreen perennials – and the Hood pear is nearly so. The 4 banana varieties – being monocot bulbs, are in a category of their own.

Our in-the-ground zone-pushed producing deciduous fruits:
Bababerry raspberry
Ollalie berry
Arapahoe blackberry
Southern Home, Black and Gold Monukka grapes
Soft-seeded Rose pomegranate
Garden Prince almond
VdB fig
Cot-N-Candy aprium
Mid-Pride peach
Desert Dawn nectarine

Lately not producing well:
Beauty Plum
Snow Queen nectarine
Flavor Grenade pluot
Katy apricot

Still too young to tell:
Jiro persimmon
Royal Crimson cherry
Placentia walnut


Budding out :slight_smile:



I’m grafting chocolate persimmon onto my saijo persimmon this year, along with coffee cake. I’ve never tasted either.

Good luck with the new tree Richard!


Coffee cake is very tasty basically a fuyu with a cinnamon kick, same boat as you on the chocolate had fruit set 2 years ago but all fell off last year ton of flowers but none took hope third years a charm…


Progress on our sapling