Chocolate Persimmon


As our winters locally become more temperate I am slowly replacing already low-chill deciduous fruit trees with ultra-low chill selections. And so yesterday I went in-store shopping at Green Thumb San Marcos and Walter Andersen Nursery in Poway. I came home with a few things, including this grafted Chocolate Persimmon sapling grown by Dave Wilson.


How about citrus? How many varieties do you have? And Mangoes? Both should be perfect for your climate…


A little cool here for some mangoes but Valencia Pride and Timotayo work well – I’m growing the latter.

For Citrus I have Bearss lime, Eureka lemon, Gold Nugget and Frost Owari mandarins, Minneola tangelo, Washington navel, and Nordmann seedless kumquat.

Of Central American origin I have Reed avocado, Suebelle white sapote, and Pouteria viridis (Green Sapote). From South America: Cambuca, Cherry of the Rio Grande, and Jaboticaba. From Africa: Kei Apple and Conkerberry. I also have the native evergreen Catalina cherry-nut tree.

All of the above plus my estranged Gordon and White Winter Pearmain apple trees are evergreen perennials – and the Hood pear is nearly so. The 4 banana varieties – being monocot bulbs, are in a category of their own.

Our in-the-ground zone-pushed producing deciduous fruits:
Bababerry raspberry
Ollalie berry
Arapahoe blackberry
Southern Home, Black and Gold Monukka grapes
Soft-seeded Rose pomegranate
Garden Prince almond
VdB fig
Cot-N-Candy aprium
Mid-Pride peach
Desert Dawn nectarine

Lately not producing well:
Beauty Plum
Snow Queen nectarine
Flavor Grenade pluot
Katy apricot

Still too young to tell:
Jiro persimmon
Royal Crimson cherry
Placentia walnut


Budding out :slight_smile:



I’m grafting chocolate persimmon onto my saijo persimmon this year, along with coffee cake. I’ve never tasted either.

Good luck with the new tree Richard!


Coffee cake is very tasty basically a fuyu with a cinnamon kick, same boat as you on the chocolate had fruit set 2 years ago but all fell off last year ton of flowers but none took hope third years a charm…