Chojuro Asian pear

Wow was that good! As juicy as a peach, no spray or bagging. Off a graft made last year. Can’t recommend it enough.


It looks delicious. Assuming I have enough pears next year I’m going to skip the bagging on some and see if I can get pears that are blemish free like yours. I did not bag all my Orient pears this year and the none bagged ones were mostly good.

I’m thinking I ran out of bags when I got to this tree, I bagged most of the other Asian Pears. The one I ate had a tiny hole with some ants in it, but I cut it out. Maybe a stinkbug or wasp hit it?

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I had a Kosui yesterday that was 17 brix. It was the best Asian pear I’ve had yet. Brix may have been high because of the hot dry summer not allowing my pears to get very big. Mine are about half the size of the one you have pictured. I should get some Chojuros in a week or so, also around 2-1/4" dia.

Are you sure those are Chojuro? They look more like Korean Giant to me. My Chojuro are very brown and less round, more flattened.

My Kosui were awesome this year, they are one of the very best.



Nice looking Asian pears!

I have no real way of knowing for sure, I believe the scions came from @strudeldog.

Whatever it is, I’m grafting more of it!

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Ok Kelby making me dig thru old records. I did not have a Chojuro tree then maybe just a small grafted limb If this was already from the scion I sent in early 2015 according to the PMs at F4F I sent you. Did I send scion prior to that?
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Asian pear I did have then was Korean Giant Niitaka Shinko Hosui

If it is Korean Giant it seems early and will improve in flavor if left to hang longer

KG is way harder than any other Asian pear I’ve grown. If easy to bite into it’s a normal Asian. If you need to adjust your jaw to get a bite it’s KG.


Kosui sounds like a winner and a variety I would like to add. Scott, have you had any fireblight issues with Kosui? It shows up on various online lists as being one of the more FB susceptible asian varieties.

Chris, I have had little FB on pear trees. Most of my FB is on apple and quince. So, Kosui has never had any FB for me but not sure if that means much.

I just ate a great Raja, it is mentioned as disease resistant. No idea what disease, though.

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