Chrysalis in my kiwis: friend or foe?

I was trimming my issai kiwis today when I saw a chrysalis. Anyone know what it might be? Should I leave it alone, or are there any kiwi bugs that might be dangerous to my plants?


Looks like a zebra swallow tail butterfly or some other butterfly. Do you grow pawpaw?

I do grow paw paw! There are two paw paw trees within 20 feet or so of the kiwi arbor!

I wonder how the caterpillar got from the paw paws to the kiwis though? Do they eat kiwis too?

Thanks for the ID!

Idk I’ve seen a chrysalis on a garage door before so who knows. I’m pretty sure it’s a zebra swallowtail. I grow pawpaws too and get zebra’s every year it’s pretty cool.

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Definitely a friend! The caterpillars of many swallowtails will crawl a distance from the host plant before they form their chrysalis, probably to avoid predators that might look for them. Adult Zebra Swallowtails occasionally show up around Philly but I don’t think I’ve had any caterpillars on my Pawpaws, but I have had Pipevine Swallowtails on my Pipevines. Beautiful butterflies!


I’m excited, I hope I can catch it when it emerges!

I’m just outside Philadelphia, so maybe the zebra swallowtails will be making their way over to your paw paws soon (assuming that’s what I have)!

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