Chrysobalanus icaco "coco plum" information

So recently I bought a Barbados cherry off the internet from some dude in Puerto Rico. As luck would have it, either some gremlin in the post office swapped my Barbados cherry for a coco plum, or the dude on the internet lied to me and stole my money. I suspect the post office.

As the unwilling brand new owner of a coco plum, I’m all questions.

Is this thing self fertile, or do I need another one?

Can it be container grown? The whole point of the Barbados cherry was that I could keep it in a container and get fruit with narry a worry.

Does it taste ok? I’m not expecting good, but if it’s at least nice enough that kids or adults might eat a few I’ll be satisfied and let the farm thing live.

Failing that, anybody wanna trade? :smiley:

You are just casually accusing the Post Office of committing a federal crime. It is illegal for the Post Office to open a package. Postal inspectors might or customs might but not the Post Office itself. It is America so I doubt it went through customs. I don’t know if you know how South America and the Caribbean is but those guys are not ones for integrity. Yeah Puerto Rico is America but I don’t think ethics is great anywhere around there. Even in America’s state system I bought some greek oregano from Home Depot and got a snake plant years ago. Home Depot had them resend it and I got Italian Oregano instead. I can’t answer of the coco plum.

It was clearly a sarcastic joke, because obviously the seller had either a mix-up or was intentionally selling the wrong thing.

As to the root question: they are OK tasting, kind of bland, big seed that clings to the flesh. I used to eat them off hedges in Miami as a kid, so they are good enough to choose to eat, but I wouldn’t have it taking up valuable indoor plant space if it were my choice to make. You often see them in large planters in outdoor restaurant or mall settings in Miami, so I assume they do fine in containers, but no real experience on that front. And no clue if they are self-fertile. Here’s the UF profile, which has some decent info:

This has some more info:

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Working at the Post Office you would be surprised on what people accuse us of. A package they picked or got delivered to the house and it went missing we clearly stole it according to the customer. Does not matter if it was months or weeks later and clearly it was us somehow. Items got mixed up clearly it was us mixing things up. Trying to import strong pot and it gets seized at customs what happened to my package. People are serious about all these things.

It was a joke.

I think I’ll give it a shot. If it blooms a few times and doesn’t set fruit, I’ll give it away or toss it.

Seems like it should be easy in a container, might require root and vegetative pruning judging from those articles. Hopefully I’ve got one of the larger fruited ones. Thanks for the info!

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