Cicadas-What to do?

Someone informed me on another thread about their damage to branches. Went out to look after and saw broke branches everywhere and even caught one in the act. They seem to favor stone fruit trees.

After searching all the old cicada threads it seems no one had an answer. Well this is a few years later, did anyone learn how to deal with them? Not interested in CBS, NBC, CNN and the rest advising me to eat them.


Are you spraying your trees? If you are using an insecticide it should protect them. Our extension is saying to spray every 3-4 days to prevent injury or every 7-10 days to reduce injury.

They are active for one month.

How do they work. Are they here for a couple years or just this one.

They will be back in 17 years. I believe many areas have multiple broods going though.

I just saw this article and it doesn’t seem like the person who wrote it,grows fruit trees,but it is interesting to learn some new information.Cicadas don’t live here in western Washington and having read about their noise and damage,it’s fine with me.