Cider equipment

Well, me and old Cleevis Sugarhouse worked on cleaning up the cider shack yesterday. I was down and out last year, crippled up and not able to walk, much less work. So it needs a good pressure washing. My old homemade press was a 2" screw, platten/wood rack pummie set up on a big old steel frame. It was a work horse, made 22-27 gallons a run according to the apples.

We used 5 field boxes, 1.3 bushel filled to the brim, two stayman, two golden, one red delicious and what ever else was handy.

If I change this press it will be with the one in these topics, an off the shelf harbor freight arbor, but the welder will put in a acme thread screw/nut assembly instead of the jack. The jacks can be big trouble if they kick out under pressure and smash your face. On this green one from pleasant hill, machine shop trued up the top platten and screw face. Welder made the deep juice box, he is a good stainless steel guy.

The white hdps 1/2" will be cut in rounds and act as the dividing plattens to squeeze/separate the mesh pummie bags. I don’t like the ss container, the oak seems better. BUT, may remake a cheese setup. The ss vessels are 15 and 26 gallons with false bottom screens.


Forgot, the enclosed motor is either a 1 or 3 hp, 3600rpm and it is pushed up double with sheave and belt under that narrow safety cover. The drum is from the old mill, it is a 6" schedule 40 pipe with keystock milled and spot welded in the assemble mounted between pillow block bearings. It is loud and chews/mushes the pummies for top amount of juice rendering.

I tried to get the welder to manufacture some of these hubs in ss, he is afraid of the legal liability. I always run a few apples through to clean the grinder hub, use Step (home brew supply) to sanitize wash on the front and finish.