Cider Expiration Date?

Pardon my ignorance, but as I walked by a case of Angry Orchard hard cider at the grocery store, I noticed a "Best if Used By date in 2017. I did not know that wine degraded over time, I though it was the opposite.

I’m no expert but I do know that some wines are best drunk before they age too much, while others are improved over the years. And I know that beer can certainly deteriorate- except for the very strong “Russian stouts” and such, most beers have expiration dates a few months out. So I would assume that something similar is true for ciders.

I’ve read that cider gets better up to about a year, then starts to lose flavor after that, and my experience would support that. I’ve had bottles of home brew cider up to 8 years old and they were still pretty good, but I do think they get a bit blander with time. In any case, it’s not going to go bad or anything, just get less flavorful.

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Could this be a marketing thing? Seems the makers of these products would benefit from a sell by date. Soda has sell by dates now and it didn’t when I was growing up. Seems the same with beer if I recall.

Part of the thing about sell-bys on some products could involved the use of artificial sweeteners in some products that didn’t use to have them- I’ve been told that these break down over time.

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