Cider press (Lehman)

Wondering if anyone has experience with the linked press.

Does the scratter clog easily/often?
Gallons per hour?
Yield… gallons/pound of apples? Per bushel?
Ease of cleaning?

It’s definitely too pricey new, but I have an angle on a used one.



The press was up for auction. Ended up going for $900. To me, it was overpriced for what it was, but was a reasonable buy compared to retail.

Reasons I liked it… well made, robust, nice fit/finish, easily cleaned sanitized.

Reasons I didn’t much care for it. The scratter was direct drive off of a hand cranked wheel. Seems like it would take forever to process a bushel into the basket. The basket was fairly small for what I need, especially at that price (12”diameter/height.)

At the end of the day, someone making small batches of cider will have an effective machine. If they can handle the cash outlay, it looks beautiful and will impress friends.

I have no regrets on passing on this press. I do regret not getting the 14’ aluminum orchard ladder, but as my orchard is a long way from needing a ladder that tall, I’m okay waiting til another comes up a little cheaper.

Bottoms up!


I built a hydraulic 20 T rack and cloth cider press over the summer and have 3 of 12 racks completed. I’ll build the remaining 9 racks as temperatures cool down. I will use an old Troybuilt Tomahawk Shredder Chipper as a hammer mill which I’ve steam cleaned and changed the grease to food grade. The one I bought used was barely used and will only be used for crushing apples and pears.


Wow - right on RiverBend! I’m still at manual pumper level.


Ruverbend and JHoss…

What are you using for cloth in your presses?

@Jhoss @RiverBendOrchard

What would you say you have into building those? I’ve found a used one on facebook for $250 with a apple shredder. I was going to have my dad build me one, but I feel like I can’t go wrong for $250.

Hey TreeGuy - for $250, you cant go wrong!
For my scratter, the wood is mostly from flooring I had around-the electric motor was $30 used from Craigslist. Assorted hardware…bearing blocks, axle, belt wheel, belt, probably $100.
For my Press: Harbor Freight 20 ton press $140 or so on sale…press cloths I bought off the internet somewhere (I forget) but google press cloths…they aint cheap. The plastic catch bin with drain was special order/made, I think maybe $100 if I remember right…extra large cutting boards-special order, thank god for the internet. I would bet $500 into my press setup but a lifetime of use…pay once…cry once. This took me a lot of time buying a piece here and a piece there so I didnt layout a lot of cash all at once = less painful.


Try I bought the log splitter hydraulic cylinder, pump, oil reserve, and controls as one package for about $700.

For the filter cloth, I bought from They have a lot of different types of filters, and experience in helping you deice which is best for your operation. They are very experienced with cider cloth filters.


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I have about $2,000 in the press, frame, racks, and cloths. I bought the steel and fabricated the press myself; but had the SS pan bent for me so all I had to do was braze the corners and install a drain line. The hydraulics came from Magister Hydraulics in New Jersey which are manufactured in Ukraine. I’m very impressed with it. Filter cloths came from Kavon Filters who are very experienced with rack and cloth cider press cloths and can help you determine which one is best for your operation. I was given Grade A hard maple Gymnasium flooring for the racks; I’ve only finished three, but will make the remaining 9 later this fall as temperature cool down. I put in a deep cycle battery with trickle charger so I can transport it to other orchards for remote pressing. My hammer mill is an older
Troybuilt Tomahawk Shredder/Chipper that was barely used that I’ve changed out the grease to food grade and pressure washed and sanitized it only for macerating fruit. All told, I’ve invested about $2,500.

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Once I have enough apples to be worth it, I’m 100% going to a bladder press. I fantasize about having so many apples, and so much money, that I could get a belt press… they’re so cool.

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I love my bladder press