Cinnamon as root stimulating hormone?

I’m getting excited to do my first air layering soon a la JSacadura:

I figure that using a rooting hormone makes sense. I have run across a couple of references to using cinnamon powder and I just wonder how well it works. For that matter, I’m tempted to macerate some fresh willow bark and work that into the mix somehow, but before I start experimenting I think it would probably be a good idea to ask people who know what they’re doing for help.

I’m looking to air layer a section of Marianna that has shown up from the rootstock I used for an apricot I grafted a few years ago. (This is the only apricot graft I’ve ever had take, and I gave it to a friend! Happily, it has been happy and healthy and productive. So I want to try again so I can have one.)



I think cinnamon is used more for its anti-fungal properties than as a rooting hormone, keep away the mold that lead to rot.

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I have read the same as JCT speak about cinnamon.
Some people use willow water, aloe or honey for rooting but don’t expect miracle.

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Cinnamon isn’t a hormone, and can’t/won’t work as one. It might help in other ways, or at least not hurt.

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I had been looking at air layering right before joining here as a method for propagating a cherry tree that I was wanting. I may still try this method on something this year as it seems like something fun to try and see if I can get it to work :+1: Cinnamon is easily obtainable so it would be worth a try…

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