Citation Rootstock Patent 5112 Expired in 2002!

I got curious and couldn’t find Citation rootstock for sale anywhere by itself at a retail nursery so I did a Google search and found that the patent for Citation expired on April 29, 2002, see the links below. Is Citation rootstock being sold under a different name because “Citation” is a registered trademark? Do you know of any nurseries that are selling Citation rootstock?

Patent USPP5112 for CItation Rootstock Interspecific rootstock tree 4-G-816

Patent USPP14126P3 for Select Myrobalan tree ‘RI-1’ that identifies Citation Rootstock as USPP5112P


I don’t think zaiger/dwn got into the registered trademark game until well after citation was released in the 80s. if you really want it then you could try propagating from root cuttings(this is possible with some rootstocks, dunno about citation) or chop off a grafted tree below the graft and grow it out for cutting propagation. it’s known to not sucker much or at all. some members here seem to have trees with failed grafts that they have grown out that they can use for cuttings. I’ve found publications from the 90s that have it for sale as rootstock back then so maybe they were able to get some before it fell out of retail circulation. Maybe you could get hardwood cuttings from someone with a citation bush they keep?

example for sale in 1995 -

I’d list citation’s main draws as

  1. older rootstock, known quantity as far as adaptability
  2. known compatibility with many plums apricots and crosses. you could copy some of DWN’s more popular setups if the scion is also off patent
  3. it’s got a neat combination of vigor, precociousness, and dwarfing compared to other plum/apricot rootstocks

z0r, thank you for sharing that 1995 Bee Line newsletter. I admire the density of text and information on those 28 pages. I especially like the rootstock pricing, 16 years later I feel those are now appropriate wholesale prices!

Yes, I agree with you, the best way to obtain Citation rootstock is to buy a tree and remove the grafted variety. I was at the nursery earlier this week and Dave Wilson trees with Citation are at least $50, hard to justify, but perhaps as the weather warms my wallet will be less resistant, as happens every growing season!

I was watching the Dave Wilson YouTube channel and they discuss the red leaves of the Citation rootstock in contrast to the green leaved grafted variety. That will be a good tell if I can come across a discounted and failing tree at the nursery late in the season. Here is the link: Nursery Field Tour 3/7/2017 Dave Wilson Nursery YouTube Channel

In the meantime, I ordered a number of Krymsk 1 plum rootstock from Raintree Nursery to tide me over. I’ve read that K1 is also very dwarfing and precocious and as an added benefit, is not as susceptible to drought as Citation is.

in the willamette valley you can also consider st julien for plums and pluots. not sure it’s still available this season

Do we know if Citation will grow from a root cutting? I have a Candy Heart on order from Burnt Ridge. It may go into a container for later planting. It would be easy enough to harvest a root cutting. Perhaps I can stimulate a sucker with keiki paste?

I haven’t seen a report. I actually stuck a citation root cutting just two days ago to try it. I used the protocol from this gisela 5 root cutting paper which is: late february cutting, 15cm length, 10-12mm diameter, stuck into medium on bottom heat 17-20°C with 4-6cm exposed. I used promix HP. I wrapped the proximal end (exposed end) with wax tape and I’m keeping it under a humidity dome. I’ll update this thread in a month or two when it takes or dies (I only did one). The paper tried various levels of BAP and found that no BAP was the best so I didn’t use anything

"Methods to propagate the cherry rootstock Gisela 5 by using root cuttings and application of micrografting" E. Exadaktylou et al 2009


That sounds like an interesting experiment z0r. Looking forward to your results! I am hoping to find a multi grafted pluot tree from one of the local nurseries in the next couple of weeks, if I do, I’ll also try a root cutting if it’s Citation and give you guys an update. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

I took two broken roots from a 5 in 1 euro plum I planted today and cut them into 6" lengths. I then wrapped the upper cut sections with buddy tape and planted them into a one gallon pot filled with old potting soil with the buddy taped tops poking out just a little bit. There is no DWN tag on the tree and the rootstock is unnamed, but the label says the estimated height of the tree is 10’ to 12’ and the receipt says it is a DWN product so odds are that is is Citation, or at the very least it is a very dwarfing rootstock.

this page says citation Multiple-Budded Fruit Trees | Dave Wilson Nursery

I just moved my Black Ice plum today, and I have some root cuttings of Mustang ( Prunus x jefchum) rootstock. I will see if they produce suckers. It is also a rootstock I don’t see for sale.

Just an update, I went back to the nursery and my DWN 5 in 1 euro plum is on Krymsk 1 rootstock.

Nice. I did not know they did such dwarfing 5-in-1 trees. Usually it would be on myrobalan.

I believe that generic Citation is now described as “Red Leaf Plum” wink wink, nod nod, say no more.


Kokpopelli5A, do you know of any sources online for red leaf plum rootstock? Thanks for the hint! I tried searching Google but couldn’t find any sources. Thanks!

my citation root cutting didn’t send up a shoot. I did it the same as my gisela 5 root cutting which did work, see Gisela 5 rootstock - #6 by z0r

I have a couple citation suckers coming up that I’ll try rooting later this year

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Same here z0r, the Krymsk 1 rootstock trimmings I potted up and Buddy taped did not send up shoots either. Congratulations on your new Gisela 5 shoot!

How did your Citation rooting go z0r?

it didn’t make it, I think it rooted but no shoots. I’ll try again this spring I have a bunch of stuff on citation so I’ll dig for new cuttings. was hoping for a sucker but nothing suckered this year

Here’s an update on the broken Krymsk 1 roots I put in a pot back in February 2021. 9 months later it grew into two twigs.