Citrus microbudding is getting popular

It is actually micro-chip budding where smaller buds are used instead of the regular size for t-budding. This produces faster growing trees and fast enough to replace trees that are damaged by greening diseases.

I have actually been successful with microchip budding as a trial, only when the scionwood available were super-tiny. I did multi-grafts so didn’t keep track of single grafts this way on single rootstocks. I will surely try this again!

Here’s how it’s done:

And here’s Dr. Skaria of TAMU that first developed the technique


I want to make my Meyer lemon more bushy for indoor growing. Do you think I can use this technique to graft buds lower on the tree? It’s only 1-2 years old.

@dimitri_7a No need to add buds
Just pinch top shoots, and or notch above existing buds / branches, that you want to grow

First guy is not doing micro budding. IIRC microbudding is done under a microscope.