Citrus score at Home Depot

A couple of days ago I was at the Waterville, Maine Home Depot and they had a whole rolling cart of Improved Meyer Lemon and Persian Lime for $29.98 each. They were really healthy looking trees from Saxon Becnel & Sons out of Belle Chasse, LA. Call me crazy but I picked up 4 of each and plan to overwinter them in our heated walkout basement with grow lights. I did this with a Meyer Lemon last winter and it did well and even held fruit. I can’t imagine how many trees they distributed to Home Depot if we even got a boatload of them up here in Maine.


Wow, all the way up to Maine! I picked up a few on dwarf Flying Dragon rootstock a couple months ago. Rode down to their little roadside stand. It’s about an hour from the house.

WalMart had Becnels Meyer lemons on clearance last week $22 for 4ft tall trees (standard rootstock). I picked up some extras to attempt multi-grafts.


I was eyeing these at my local big box but they never looked so good at those! Even before Mother’s Day Tractor Supply’s plants were significantly wilted.

I saw those at HD here in NC and was very tempted … but I already have too many citrus to overwinter each year. Post some pics as they grow and fruit. Good luck!


Yeah I saw these at my local HD in northern NJ

I was in the store in Danvers (East), MA and they have the available trees marked down 50% to $15. Key Lime Thornless and Improved Meyer were all I saw in this store. Too bad they don’t have a tangerine around here.

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Looks good. Most of the citrus trees sold in Louisiana stores are from Becnel.