Citrus white residue (GWSS?)

I noticed a white residue on my satsuma mandarin tree a number of weeks ago. This residue covered different branches and their leaves and young fruit, not in a uniform way. The residue would not come off with water spray. I then found glassy-winged sharp shooters on these areas. I began hand picking them off, maybe 6/day. The tree is about 3.5’ high, and about 5 years old. After 2-3 weeks of hand picking, there aren’t anymore GWSS. I did notice there were GWSS all over my neighbors grape vine!
After reading the UC IPM notes on GWSS, it talked about excessive excretement that make fruit and leaves appear whitewashed. I think this is what I’ve got and I wondered if any of you, with your experience, might confirm this for me. Thanks!

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