Class, tasting, and walking tour at Petal From The Past

Had a great day at Petals


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What were the highlights Bill? Did you see or taste anything that made a big impression? Looks like a great event. Thanks for sharing the pics.

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I have been to a few of his classes during the last few years and what I have mostly focused on is improving how I grow my orchard. On this trip I was mostly trying to improve my ability to grow muscadines. On previous trips I had opportunities to taste test them and I had already settled in on a few varieties prior to this visit (Lane, Supreme, Black Beauty). I also have Southern Home and Hall that I selected. They have many ,more varieties and all of them are good. This year I wanted to get more details about when and how much he summer pruned the vines. The last pruning before harvest was what I wanted to know. He does a limited pruning Aug 1st. This opens up the canopy and also makes picking easier. Toward the end of the tour he reviewed the Asian pears. Korean Giant and Shinko offer some fireblight resistance and have a great taste. I’m always amazed to see those huge KG pears hanging from the tree. Recently I have adopted their method of delayed trellis blackberry growing and I went by to see if I had delayed my vines more than I should. My goal is to learn a little on each trip.


Awesome. Sounds like one of those events that you can get a lot from whether you are a newbie or more advanced. I just planted a korean giant this spring and I’m hoping to plant some muscadines next year so your post is timely for me.

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