Clemson bags and Asian Pears

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Just bagged all of my stone fruit with Clemson bags, anybody used them with Asian Pears? I have some fiesty squirrels that will completely clear a tree if not covered. Thanks in advance!

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What is a Clemson bag?

Just another method used to protect your fruit.

Interesting I had no idea that those bags existed, I should try them, last year a disease destroyed my pear fruit, this year insect damage. I am wondering if these bags are big enough for pears. I will try and get more info about that.

Me either but I’m giving them a try… watch the video on application. Super helpful. Fingers crossed for a good harvest.

If they are too small for the pears I have other things that I could experiment using them for, like for peaches, plums, figs and so on. So they’d not go to waste. Keep in mind that they stop selling them for the year very soon. Here is another video that I have found for the bags Clemson researchers have peach growing in the bag - YouTube

I have ordered 1000 of Clemson bags at a time and have used them on peaches and nectarines. Never on other fruit. Plums are too small for Clemson bags. Don’t use them on pears.

I would like to burst your bubbles here. Even with Clemson bags, squirrels smell ripe fruit and will tear into the bags. Worse, they don’t even finish the first fruit before ruining the next one and the next one.

Clemson bags are for insects like PC and OFM but not for squirrels.

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The squirrels here will go after anything, even totally unripe fruit with no scent to them. I think that maybe different kinds of squirrels are different.

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Squirrels here steal small, unripe fruit, too. But it hurts me more to see them steal my ripening peaches and nectarines.


I am confused by their ordering process, does the order have to be processed over the phone?

Clemson Fruit Bags | College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences | Clemson University, South Carolina.

At the bottom of the page is the link to order on line. You have until June 15 to order.

I was confused that they were asking for a Phone Number, before the ordering process even started, I was wondering if they were going to call me to arrange for payment, yet I had placed an online order after your response, and I had seen that they were not going to call me to place an order.