Cliff notes on romance cherry cuttings

There are a few discussions on attempting to start romance cherry cuttings but they are buried on several looooong threads. I’m going to do some delayed pruning on two of my bushes so I figure I may as well try. My small aeroponic cloner is busy at the moment but I do have a pump with an aerating stone.

Is there anything I can do to improve the odds?

dont own a cloner but going to try putting in ground over winter. even if i only get 30% take it will still be alot of cherry starts.

You should, they are pretty awesome for crimes of opportunity. One morning I got a branch from a named variety seaberry bush. I kept it sticking out of a water bottle at work (told people “pagan ritual, don’t ask”). Once home I chopped it up into 4 pieces, loaded it, and forgot about it. I just went to check on it and one piece is rooting:

I built a large unit but it is a pain in the neck to keep it sealed, I can only run it outdoors. Since then managed to pick a used 16-cell unit I run indoors.

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I cut a few softwood branches from suckers and put them in rooting hormone, will see what happens