Cloud Fisher water collection - Extracting water from fog

Many people live in areas where this can be highly effective . Have brought up the concept in the past many times from personal observations so naturally i looked up who was developing the technology.

Recently observed this fog again myself with very little precipitation. See my photos below.
What i always notice is like the designer of the system is some water can be harvested from ground level clouds. Fog exists nearly any time there are rapid weather changes here. His mesh is much more effecient at collection water than a fence like the one where i observed the phenomenon. We have all seen this condensation a thousand times just like those who hsve died of thirst in desert regions where fog exists. Maybe someone can use this concept in their location as they read this thread.

An old survivalists trick is similar. When a survivalist is struggling of thirst and they wake up to see dew covering the ground they quickly take a towell and wipe the dew from the grass. Soon the towell becomes damp and they squeeze the water into a bowl. In this way when others are thirsty you still have plenty to drink. Things like that are what keep you alive during difficult times. Life and death sometimes depend on the simplest thing that you know.

Many people advanced in agricultual knowledge know about horizontal precipitation. The concept is simple but frequently ignored. On the earth large trees gather water on their leaves from fog as i’ve mentioned here using nets. As people cut down trees that precipitation normally caught by those trees no longer can be harvested. Unfortunately less people know these simple concepts now so deserts advance. Highly recommend you watch the video below to understand how deserts are created and what we can do to work with nature and not against it. Consider these nets are not new technology they are merely righting a wrong in many cases of having removed the necessay trees. I’m not against using trees but complete deforestation does not need to occur.