Cocktail Grapefruit

Is there just one cultivar of “grapefruit” named Cocktail, or more? The fruit on the left is from my 3-4 years old graft from the wood I received from CCPP. Grown in Davis, NorCal. The fruit on the right is from an old tree that came from a CRFG member probably 20 years ago in the Goleta-Santa Barbara area. The left fruit picked today. The right fruit spent some time in storage and is significantly sweeter than my fruit. I’m trying to figure our if this still can be the same cultivar, or they are different.


The cocktail i tried at riverside was small, like the one on the right, very juicy and seedy. Sometimes citrus take several years before their taste hits it’s potential but im not sure about the size. Were there only a few fruit on the tree?


Yes, I have 4 or 5 fruits only on this graft. It’s possible that my fruits will get smaller and sweeter with age.

Both of these resemble my Cocktail grapefruit from Four Winds but the one on the left looks more like mine fresh. Looks like the right side spent some time in the fridge or counter and is showing some bruising but I am no expert by any means. I like to juice these, very juicy and sweet! Also, looks like the one on the right was picked earlier in season as citrus likes to open in center and rind gets thicker later in season as it gets colder. As citrus fruit gets past prime ripeness it has less concentrated flavors and can be less sweet/tart consisting of a watery flavor.

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Thank you for this info. It’s possible that they are genetically identical. I’ll store my fruits before consuming next time I pick them

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