Cocoa hull mulch

I found a note I had gleaned from somewhere that cocoa hull mulch repels rabbits. Has anyone tried that? If so, where would one buy it?

It is apt to attract more attention than it repels.

Hershey Pennsylvania is the source of it.

I used to live in New Milford, CT and they had a Nestle Research plant there (now closed) and you could get Cocoa much from them. We never got it because we had a dog and they had big warnings that it could be harmful to pets - especially dogs. Be careful.

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Guess I will scrap that idea.


In other words…it might poison dogs the same way chocolate ‘poisons’ humans…buy making them more alert an get 'em going in the mornings or through the day?

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I’m pretty sure Hershey stopped processing cocoa beans here many years ago.

Chocolate and related products can actually be quite dangerous for dogs and cats. The Theobromine in it can make a dog quite sick, and potentially fatal if they eat enough. Our bodies can metabolize it just fine, but dogs and cats can’t. Just like how a squirrel can eat Amanita mushrooms without consequence, but it sends us into liver failure.

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Just thinking…that could reduce the number of unleashed dogs hiking a leg on the landscape plants!

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