Codling Moth damage on peach fruit?

Fruit is about 1 inch diameter and several White fuzzy protrusions on Peach surface looks like something bored into Peach
I sprayed bonide General fruit spray right after shuck split .

…and also two applications of dormant oil spray and copper combined over winter
Any recommendations to control guilty insect?
I Wonder if bonide spray is a little too General and a
more specific insecticide is required for this problem

Coddling moths often bore holes near calyx.

Oriental Fruit moths bore holes anywhere on the fruit. PC cut a crescent shape when they lay eggs onvtge fruit. From your pic, it looked like rdanage from either OFM or PC depending what the shape of the holes, crescent or not.

There are many threads about chemicals to deal with these pests.

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I don’t think codling moth are attracted to peach trees, but I could be wrong.

Also Bonide Fruit tree spray is likely not sufficient.

If you want chemical soray, there are several that people here have used.
For organic Surround spray is used.

It could be stinkbugs but its hard to tell from the fuzzy picture. Stinkers love peaches.