Codling moth spirals

Two things:

#1 can these be put out too soon so that they expire before the final breeding season is over?

#2 they don’t ship to most states, right? What if I know someone who would likely buy a 400 pack split it up and ship them to any state. Who would want some? this stuff as recommended by Scott

Here’s how that would work. This person is in a state this stuff ships to. She makes her income selling on amazon and ebay. They aren’t fruit people , so would only do it with enough extra $ to be worth the time spent. I know the husband a little through my & his jobs. They are trustworthy.

If we want to do this I can get a sense on what they would want for handling and report back. Also if there is anything to know in handling these it is up to us to specify how they are to be handled.

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#1 Yes, they don’t last the whole season. I often put up another round in July.

This year I have not seen any OFM yet, and only a few CM. But I expect they are not quite awake yet. Last year I skipped on putting up the lures and I had both a bit worse than usual; it will be interesting to see how they do this year with lures up.

Re #2, I think the main concern is the legal aspect, they are not registered in the states they are not shipping to. The whole registration thing is a crock as far as I am concerned, its just a lure not a spray so there is really nothing to be concerned about in any way shape or form. Just bureaucracy in the way. And, partly for this reason I don’t think any regulatory agency is going to enforce anything. But, you never can be certain. At some point I did see someone selling partial packs of these, I forget where though. It was not on eBay.

BTW here is a recent study on CM spirals, it shows they are highly effective for larger orchards. For smaller plots I don’t think they will do as well. I put mine around a large area beyond the orchard, my whole yard is “spiraled” :grinning:

Oh here is another option for disruption to consider:

Just buy bulk 100 trap lures and put 'em up with paper clips or something like that. I think these are twice the price of the spirals.

I don’t think its necessarily true that they won’t work without rows of trees, but you do have to spread the spirals evenly throughout a large area. What I do is put them on any object in my yard including non-fruit trees and bushes, posts, the house, etc. I also put some in the neighboring woods. Even with that I only have one acre and you need a bigger area than that; I think 10+ acres is recommended.

BTW in looking at my label the coverage of the spirals I am now using is longer than the old lures I was using, the NoMate spirals last mid-April to the start of August. So its less critical to refresh them compared to the Hercon brand I used to use.

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