Coffee seedlings

Just in case someone is searching on growing out coffee beans. My container tree flowered last spring> i think…grew all summer…started turning red in the fall and were dark red (like a sweet cherry in November)…I picked them all back in December sometime and planted them in peat moss (after removing outer layer) and put on heat mat. About a 6 weeks? later they started sprouting and today they look like this. So they do take awhile, but don’t give up. Mine will get put under grow light and i’ll grow them up before i decide what i do. I should have maybe 20.


Do you have a green house for it or do you keep it indoors most of the year?

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I brought it in i think in November…just sits near a south facing sliding glass door. I’ll put it back outside probably April. Seems to overwinter just fine inside. I slowly introduce it to sunshine or else it’ll have its leaves fried.


August 3rd update. So i’ve kept them on northside of building all summer. I also had a few i kept basically in full shade under a kiwi vine…those ones are the biggest/darkest green plants. The key is lots of shade/keep them moist. Also they do seem like slow growing plants. Think i have like 26.

Here you can see the difference between lots of shade (left) and shaded but more light (right).