Colette Everbearing Pear Tree

Cant grow pears? Losing pear blooms to frost? If you have a recurrent issue every spring where you lose all your blossoms to frost maybe your growing the wrong pear

" Description - # Colette Everbearing Pear Tree

Outstanding quality that keeps going. Broad for its kind, this shapely tree repeat-blooms and bears until hard freeze. First crops are of Bartlett size with superior quality, yellow skin, and a light pink blush. Smooth and aromatic, grit-free white flesh is excellent for fresh eating but also retains its flavor when canned. Subsequent fruit is set when other pollinators have finished blooming – a unique trait of its somewhat self-fertile nature. Originates from Illinois, introduced in 1953. Cold-hardy. Harvest mid- to late-September through hard freeze. Partially self-pollinating. Best pollinators: Bartlett or Beurre Bosc. " - Colette Everbearing Pear Tree - Stark Bro’s


That’s a recipe for catching fireblight.



Yes it can be


Very good pear, didn’t have any noticeable problems with fb, but isn’t listed as resistant. There was fb present though…


Mine has fire blight strikes every year. It’s right next to a Clapps and the Clapps hasn’t had a FB strike yet. I’m very close to grafting the Colette over to something else.



There are pros and cons to everything!


Seems that a decade ago it was a good pear. Maybe things have changed. I recently saw a good review on one of my FB groups that the poster says it is self fertile…as they do not have any other pear trees.

Here are old reviews…mostly positive.

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I’ve had it about 25 years, from Miller’s nursery. No better or worse than any of my other pear types. :+1: