Colette in Bloom

My Colette Pear has it’s first ever bloom. I think it’s about 8 years old, on standard rootstock which Millers didn’t identify. I know they bloom all season long, but I never thought about a pollinator for it. Are they self fertile or parthenocarpic?

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It’s partially self pollinating Colette Everbearing Pear - Pear Trees - Stark Bro’s
According to Starks “Outstanding quality that keeps going. Broad for its kind, this shapely tree repeat-blooms and bears until hard freeze. First crops are of Bartlett size with superior quality, yellow skin, and a light pink blush. Smooth and aromatic, grit-free white flesh is excellent for fresh eating but also retains its flavor when canned. Subsequent fruit is set when other pollinators have finished blooming – a unique trait of its somewhat self-fertile nature. Originates from Illinois, introduced in 1953. Cold hardy. Harvest mid- to late-September through hard freeze. Partially self-pollinating. Best pollinators: Bartlett or Beurre Bosc. See more Recommended Pollinators below.”

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My Colette bloomed this spring (2020) and promptly began showing signs of fire blight as it has in the past. I pruned away the blight strikes and thought I had lost all of the fruit again. About two weeks ago we discovered one pear hiding in the leaves. I’ve done more spraying on this tree this year and hope it’s been beneficial. I’ll do dormant sprays this fall and spring and see if that helps control the fire blight strikes at bloom (I’ve only done spring dormant spays in the past). Hopefully this fruit will hang on long enough to harvest. It is on a standard rootstock and this is it’s 10th season.