Collards for Supper

The mild winter in SE Virginia has made for some really nice collards. Steaming three of these leaves for 10 minutes, makes for a nice plate with vinegar and salt.


That is Top Chop hybrid. First time growing those and they are very vigorous from day one.


I’m cooking more of the mustard greens I picked 6 days ago. Enjoy the collards from time to time, but haven’t planted any in some time.

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Some pretty Collards!

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Nice. I’m about to make some greens from frozen.

Collards have a nice meaty texture. I like to mix greens like my father used to.

Mustard: spicy flavor
Turnips: rich, a little bitter. like to add the roots near the end too.
Collard: meaty, body, mild
Cabbage: tender, sweet


Mixed greens are the way to go! Never added cabbage I’ll have to try that one time

I piddled around and didn’t get any collards or rutabagas planted last fall.
I’ve got at least two envelopes of ‘Ultra-Cross’ collard grex in the fridge, from EFN or some such outfit.

Food Lion has been running a special on BIG bundles of collards for 89 cents each, so I’ve been buying some at least a couple of times a week.
I remove stems, chop them finely, and sautee in bacon grease with a couple of slices of finely-chopped bacon, some finely-diced onion and peppers; then, once the bacon is browning, I add in the chopped collard greens and sautee until well-wilted. Then, I’ll stir in a cup of ham or chicken bouillon, put a lid on, and simmer until most of the water is gone.
Yum. I’m going in to cook up another batch for lunch, right now!


That is a crazy deal, Lucky. You are appropriately named with that price.

I have been mixing a lot of greens with grains and beans. Millet, quinoa, oats, kidney, pinto, black beans. I find that getting the right balance of greens, beans/grains, and different herbs and spices makes the trick. Mustard greens are my favorite, but I love all of them. I think of the greens as part of the spice, because they are all flavorful. I always add cumin with beans, and chile too. Olive oil as well. I grow thyme, sage, oregano. Soy sauce. Homemade worcestershire sauce. Good stuff.
John S

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