Columnar Basil preserves

Well, the category isn’t Produce in the Kitchen but I’ll give it a shot anyways.

A few days ago I harvested 4 buckets of whips from our Columnar Basil plant. This one is two years old - I left a few sprigs of growth on it so perhaps it will survive another year.

I stripped the leaves and numerous twigs off the branches with my thumb + forefinger into a pressure cooker with 12oz of water. I set the cooker on 5 minutes pressurized steam. Afterwards, feeling I’d had enough of the task for the day I let it cool down, covered the pot and put it in the refrigerator. This evening I took the limp mass of basil out of the fridge and ran it through our KitchenAid juicer/reamer. From that I received almost a pitcher full of liquid and 2 cups of puree, plus a lot of fiber out the end of the reamer. Taking the 1st two, I heated it up to a simmer with a 1/4 cup of lemon juice on the stovetop and ladled a cup at a time into mason jars. These I heated under pressure for 20 minutes. … and boy does our house smell great!


Fabulous! I love the smell of basil. So how do you usually use this?

I watched a YouTuber steep fresh basil leaves to make a tea, adding honey and lemon and I thought, why have I never thought to do that? I do that with mint all the time. Next year I’ll be giving that a go!

The most common use here is basted on baked chicken, about 1 tsp per boneless thigh.

The same quantity in 12oz of ice tea would probably be awesome.