Combine LI 700 with Nufilm

I have been using li 700 for years to acidify my very hard water prior to mixing insecticides/fungicides. I want to add a sticker like nu film. Is it a good idea to use both of these products?

My guess after researching Nufilm P is that it would be fine, but I’m not sure.

@scottfsmith or others who’ve discussed Nufilm in other threads - is there anywhere to buy this other than online and in gallon quantity? Some of these ag chemicals like Surround are frustratingly hard to find and expensive.
I’ve emailed the Miller sales rep for TN.

I have used a chemical acidifier-penetrant with tactic for years- an orangish one with a strong citrus smell. I recently switched over to citric acid (safer for my eyes for one thing, but also cheaper). I wouldn’t worry about it but you can’t be absolutely sure of compatibility without testing it on an expendable weed or something. Also by making a very small batch of both and see if it mixes well. I suppose that kind of incompatibility is most likely.