Combining a walk and observing fruit while getting your exercise

While on a morning walk today I came across this persimmon tree. It was about 30’ high and loaded. The possums will be happy when they start to drop. Some have already fallen but most are still on the tree. It is amazing how productive a tree can be without intervention when they are adapted to the local area.


Walking in our neighborhood we have found a lot of fruit trees this year when we just first started looking for them. My family always told me x does not grow here and I have never seen x tree growing here before. This year we saw pears, cherries, peaches and apples ripening in our neighborhood. My family has always told me pears and cherries do not grow here and peaches grow in palisade and not here. Well this year we saw trees with a abundance of each one. Even now my mother says well I have never seen pears on a pear tree before so maybe it was just a bumper year for fruit trees. I think we just did not notice them until we were looking for them or the trees were just not ready to produce fruit.


Reminds me of the lady that asked what the pretty pink flowers were in front of the house…I said “Camillias”…and she said, “those won’t grow here”!
That about this time of year,
about 7 years ago.
They’re blooming again, by the way.

I’ve found everything from chestnuts to serviceberries to the wintergreen plant the ‘teaberry’ gum gets it’s flavor from…on walks near or in forested areas.


theres a 10 acre wooded park called 4 seasons on the edge of town it has nice trails all through it for hiking/ biking and snowshoeing/ xcountry skiing in winter. ive found all kinds of stuff growing there. found the 1st wild blackberry ive ever seen here as well as swamp raspberry, winterberry many types of edible mushrooms. been adding red oak acorn ,elderberry cuttings, b. currant cuttings, gooseberry cuttings , aronia cuttings and serviceberry cuttings every spring from my prunings for the last 4 years. many have taken and ive over heard regulars asking about what these plants were coming up. i answered a few of them and told them theyre native to Maine and are edible. got alot of positive responses including the manager who has been planting oak acorns as well. they have 5 native apple trees when you enter the property that i added 6 different cultivars to from cuttings from my trees. only 1 didnt take. should be interesting in there in a few more years.