Commercially available 'Kishu' mandarins

These are sure to blow the ‘Little Cuties’ out of the water:

Snapped this pic at WFS downtown LA today. Had no idea these were available. Ninja, although not that original, is still pretty decent branding!


We are getting the Satsumas and Clementines right now in the Seattle area.Hopefully the Kishu’s will show up here.

MrClint-What was the price on the Kishu’s?

I didn’t buy any and didn’t note the price. Was in a lunch hour rush to be honest. The good news is that folks can taste a commercial offering before buying/planting the tree.

How do yall think Kishu’s rate in the whole pantheon of mandarins?

Just saw these also at a WFS in the valley. They sell for 5 dollars a pound.

I think ‘kishu’ are as good as it gets. Golden nuggets that I’ve had are excellent as well. Page makes the best juice.

Five dollars a pound…wow! Thanks for the report Clint. Kishu is a mandarin that is available in Texas. May add it to see how it will stack up next to the Mandarins I already grow. To my knowledge Gold Nugget isn’t at all and Pixie is extremely rare if it can be found here at all…


Yesterday in Wal Mart of all places I saw a bag of citrus that looked a little odd. They were labeled “Lumpy bumpy”. Then I noticed they were golden nugget mandarins which I had heard mention of here but never got the chance to try. Needless to say I bought a bag and they were quite good. They were easy to peel and had a rich citrus taste with a lot of juice. The kids loved them. Wish I could grow citrus here.