Common fruit that others like but you don't!


When I read about a fruit that several members say they like it but I don’t, I wonder if I am alone or how many of us out there that don’t like it, either.

I know several forum members speak fondly about sapote. Yesterday I had a chance to eat a White Sapote for the first time. The texture and taste reminded me of ripe banana and pawpaw. All I can say is that I tried but I don’t need to eat it again.

Do you have a story to share? I don’t want to include tropical or exotic fruit, just common ones that many of us are familiar with here in the US.

Here is the White Sapotes.


There’s roughly 20 different fruits with the common name of Sapote. Most of them are unrelated. For example, White Sapote is in the western hemisphere branch of the Citrus family.


Cavendish bananas. Those things are complete meh to me. I can never figure out why they are so darn popular… they are OK baked into something, but fresh - meh!


Anything in the melon family. Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew…there’s an underlying melon flavor I dislike intensely.


That’s exactly what my husband said about cantaloupe. He can eat watermelon but can’t stand something about cantaloupe, honey dew type of melon.

@richard, whatever it is called, the one in the pic I posted, I don’t need to eat it again. The fruit was brought to us from California.


Tropical guava (Psidium guajava) is very popular here and in Florida but I don’t care for it.

@mamuang, that is White Sapote in your picture. :slight_smile:


Plums. Decades ago I would regularly buy and eat Gerber baby food purple plums with tapioca (I purchased the last dusty jars in Portland in 1996), it was wonderful. Actual plums are awful to me.




you love jujubes but dont like mangos? That’s extremely rare, but of course, there’s nothing wrong with that.

speaking of rare(and perhaps weird), i like jujubes way more than i like apples.

yes, taste is subjective. And not just subjective, but possibly genetic as well. Just as some folks find saccharin sweet, others find it bitter and unpalatable.

if you’ve seen posters who denounce what others actually enjoy, it is because those posters think of themselves as the standard.


Passion fruit – bleck!


I am consistently underwhelmed by the plantain.




Watermelon and all berries


ALL bananas!

And, like Levers, I’m OK with them baked into stuff like banana bread


I can my prune plums, and they’re exactly the “purple plums” of yore


Getting the best tasting mangos is not easy and often they are under or over ripe. I’ve only gotten top quality mangos once in NY. They where from Mexico and available in September. There is store in Florida that has good ones but others I’ve had in Florida where inferior. I love the really good ones and tolerate the inferior ones.


Persimmons and Papaya but I haven’t tried many varieties.


I had a ripe passion fruit off the vine at an orchard back in Thailand. The darn thing was very sour and slimy.
However, when they made it into juice. I tried it. it’s pleasant. I can drink passion fruit juice but not eating it fresh.


Mamuang, I’m loving this thread, thank you for starting it.

Like @danzeb, the thing that’s coming to mind for me is papaya. I remember liking dried papaya on the few occasions when I tried it (back when I was a kid), but I tried a ripe one and it was one of my most memorably bad eating experiences. Maybe it had gone off? Maybe it was the variety - I hear there are a lot of them? I do know other people loved it (my grandmother, for one).

Also like danzeb, my wife hates persimmons. I think it’s primarily a texture thing.

Several people have mentioned liking preserved plums, and I agree that plum jam can be absolutely terrific. However, I ate a pickled plum once (did not want to offend Great-Aunt Willetta) and it was, again, something never to be forgotten, and hopefully never to be repeated…